Metals and Alloys

ProViSys Engineering uses some of the most capable cameras on the market to get the best possible results. These High Resolution cameras increase the precision of your measurements. Our extensometer is class 0.5 compliant for small strains from 0.5 to 50mm.

Design of experiments:

  • Inox, Steel, Aluminium, at ambient, high (500°C) and low (-80°C) temperatures:
    • Traction: Measurements of anisotropy coefficient, strain at crack, Young's modulus.
    • Shear: Measurements of strain in shear, while sending data through analog signals in real time.
    • Fatigue (low cycle): Measurements of axial strain with regulation at constant real strain speed, during a low cycle fatigue test, with a high framerate camera (350FPS in real time!)
  • Steel wire, 9.4mm diameter:
    • Traction: Measurement of axial elongation, in mm.

Additional information