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Why should you choose video for your mechanical measurements?

  • Because it brings high accuracy. Thanks to cameras technological evolutions and high resolution sensors, ViéoTraction® products offer equal or better accuracy than mechanical exensometers, laser extensometers or LVDT.
  • Because it allows contactless measurements without modifying the testing material, either through its weight or contact.
  • Because it saves time. It is easy to use and quick to set up. It will give you more measurement possibilities and more knowledge of the material. For instance, you can measure volumic strain, or get 3D strains thanks to our bi-camera system…

        VideoTraction        Digital Image Correlation

                        Our measurement systems: VideoTraction and Digital Image Correlation (CIN)

We at ProViSys Engineering know how to adapt and expand our product portfolio, pursue innovation efforts; and break technological, technical and scientific barriers to offer one of the most efficient systems on the market. ProViSys Engineering can do this thanks to our lengthy experience in developping, conceiving and selling VidéoTraction® systems, developing mecanical and physicochemical studies of polymers, composites and metals. We have worked for big businesses in the automotive, chemical, petrochemical, and aeronautical industries. We can work with you to find a solution to meet your needs and our system can be adapted for all tensile machines regardless of manufacturer.

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