Do you want to characterize your materials but you are not equipped with a visualization system (camera, optics and image acquisition software) ? ProViSys Engineering brings you a complete solution, with the supply of all the necessary materials and softwares for mechanical measurement:


We offer high resolution (6 Mega pixels) and high speed (up to 800 fps) cameras and optics for static tests or dynamic tests (several thousand images per second)


Our LED lighting is optimized for all types of materials and all types of parts or samples (cylindrical, flat, reflective, etc.)

- Fluorescent lamp with movable arm and magneted support

- Red and blue LED lights

- Cold lights

- UV


A large choice of high resolution lens is available and cover all field of views, from 30mm to more than 1m.


- Motorised column

- Motorised support. Automatic regulation for constant tracking of marks.

- Box tied to the tensile machine


We provide you with high performance markings for all types of materials and all types of conditions (temperature, ambient, cold,...):

- Autoadhesive stickers

- Painting pens

- Fluorescent markings UV-reflecting

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