The R&D option for VidéoTraction® offers real technological advancement with a surplus of information about how the material will act in the future.

R&D Lite

The R&D lite option offers an all-in-one solution, with the possibility to perform all your mechanical analysis with a single piece of software. You can acquire force and position from the tensile machine with perfect synchronisation with the extensometer data. You can also display the curve in real time and automatically calculate Poisson ratio, Young's modulus or the strain at break.

R&D Expert

Limitations of classic systems

Classic systems introduce hard to evaluate and control artifacts.

  • First, the classic tensile test only calculates nominal strain and stress from a testing material.
  • Second, if stress is constant, the classic tensile test makes the strain speed change.
  • Finally, the classic tensile test requires the operator to always be physically present.

That's why the R&D Expert option of VidéoTraction® automatically looks for the maximum strain zone of the material, where the camera measures real local strains which are recorded and maintained constant by automatically adjusting the strain speed.


  • Direct measurement of the real stress and strain
  • Works in an hostile environment, at temperatures higher than ambient, or under water
  • No need to prepare anything (except for marks on the specimen, very easy with the paint kit provided)
  • Accurate no contact measurement
  • Real-time machine regulation, depending on the local response from the material (ProViSys exclusive)
  • Large test portfolio: creep, fatigue, tensile/compression, relaxation, load/unload
  • Direct acquisition of parameters for the constitutive equation

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