It allows the user to measure a deformation, an elongation, a displacement (in absolute value) a diameter reduction (on an axisymmetric test piece for instance) the width reduction of a strip-type sample, the crack propagation…
Depending on the part, the sample or the test type, the measurement can be carried out with or without prior sample marking.



Axial deformation measurement in tension or compression. This version is also available in dual camera for measurements on very large rooms (L0 of several meters).



Measurement of the compression deformation of a stainless steel rod (maximum deformation on the order of 6 µm) to check the closure of a valve and ensure its tightness (nuclear field).

Striction / Sablier

Section reduction or width of a strip-type sample measurement, without prior marking of the sample. The software automatically detects and tracks the area where striction occurs and a fortiori the break.

Tensile test on MTS machine with communication and synchronization with machine control software (TestWorks) at 100mm / min carried out on a skin-colored nonwoven sample, 50mm width without any prior marking of the sample.


Crack propagation measurement during a mechanical test (tensile testing, fatigue, etc.)


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