Structures measurement by VidéoTraction

The principe of structures measurement

  • Real-time measurement system by video analysis of elongation or deformation on all types of samples or structures without size limitation.
  • Equipped with high-resolution cameras (6Mpixels to 24Mpixels), the dedicated software automatically detects the targets previously placed on the sample and measures in real time (> 50 measurements per second) the displacement, elongation or deformation between these marks.
  • The camera, lens and light assembly is integrated into a compact housing.

caméra VidéoTraction


Applications of structure measurements:

  • Reinforcing bar, steel strands
  • Structures and large parts
  • Important initial length (200mm to several meters)
  • Excellent accuracy                                                                                                                                                                           
                                                              caractérisation des matériaux


  • Thanks to its multi-camera version, the system is particularly well suited for tests on samples or large parts and ensures ease of use, time savings and excellent precision (class 0.5 according to ISO standard 9513).
  • Integration is carried out in perfect harmony with your existing working environment (on existing support, rigid and secure support, custom support, etc.)



  • Possibility of acquiring external signals of force, position coming from machine or other sensors (analog, gauge bridges, RS232, ...)
  • Real time curve plotting (force / position ...) and calculation (test speed)
  • All the data of your installation on a single software and automatic access to all the parameters of the ISO15630 standard, for example

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