Our services in mechanical testing

In the process of the conception and development of your products, do you want to identify the mechanical properties of your material?  Or do you need to validate the behavior of your parts initially predicted by the calculation?

ProViSys Engineering gives you the solutions! A team of material experts is at your disposal to realize your services and support you in your projects. Our will is to combine our scientific skills and the needs of the industrialists.

ProViSys Engineering, supplier of video analysis measurement systems

Always at the forefront of innovation in the field of mechanical measurement by video analysis, ProViSys Engineering provides you with versatile and complete measurement systems: VideoTraction and Digital Image Correlation. Our diverse and flexible offers meet all your needs in mechanical characterization of materials.

Supply of the complete solution (hardware and software)

We provide you with high precision hardware and software, with installation and training:

+ High resolution camera and optics (5 Mega pixels to 24 Mpixels) for static tests or dynamic tests (several thousand images per second)

+ LED lighting optimized for all types of materials and all types of parts or samples (cylindrical, flat, reflective...

+ High performance marking for all types of materials and all types of conditions (temperature, ambient, cold, ...)

+ Calibration test pattern and calibration of different sizes with calibration certificate

+ Reliable and robust mounting bracket that can be connected directly to a testing machine

Supplier of quarterly, annual or permanent software license

If you are already equipped with video materials (camera, optics, lighting), you can acquire only a definitive, annual or quarterly software license.

Realization of services of analysis of materials

In addition to the distribution of measurement systems, ProViSys Engineering also provides complete services of analysis of materials:

+ Microscopy & structural analysis 

+ Static mechanical tests

+ Dynamic mechanical tests

+ Physico-chemical analysis

+ Calculation and predictive design. 

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