Predictive design & calculation

Our aim is to precisely predict the behaviour of the component to optimise the geometry/material/manufacturing

  • Usage of predictive models:
    • From reliable material data gathered with characterisation
    • Identification of the constitutive equation
    • Structural calculations with finite elements (linear, non-linear, static, dynamic…)
    • Optimising calculations methods (netting, hypothesis…)
  • Developing specific equations for polymers:
    • R&D studies on new constitutive equations (impact, thermal creep, fatigue, ageing, heterogeneous materials…)
    • Integration with industrial calculations codes or with dedicated software
    • Checking the equation reliability and the suggested model
    • Replication of the tests made on testing materials
    • Tests on real products (prototype)
    • Comparison with digital simulation (stress/calculations)
    • Iteration, if necessary
    • Final clarification of the calculations methodology and eventual transfer to the client

Additional information