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Digital Image Correlation

Digital image correlation (DIC) is a tool that can capture a full-field, non-contact measurement of a structure's displacements. Its principle is based on the comparison between the reference image and the “deformed” image of the object to detect the deformation field and to better understand the laws of behavior of materials.
Our complete and versatile platform meets all your mechanical testing needs, from characterization to digital simulation. Our holistic approach means we provide direct access to all variables and parameters that impact image correlation performance. At the same time, we open our applications for two-way integration with external scripts. Our CIN platform is completely modular, with components for image deformation, performance optimization, error evaluation, hardware identification, model validation, and more.


Our expertise in digital simulation
Aware of traditional measurement systemsconstraints , we worked to develop a platform to overcome these constraints and difficulties.
traditional systems Limitations
  • Experiment repeatability problem when there is a change in result
  • Change in result due to changing parameters
  • Difficulty in determining result accuracy
  • Difficulty in general understanding result value
  • Difficulty to reuse and compare data
  • Challenge of reconstructing constraints for non-elastic constitutive laws
ADVANTAGEs of our CIN platform
  • Ease of understanding user interface
  • Reuse of experience, parameters selection, possibility of using non-expert system
  • Simplicity and flexibility in calibration
  • Experimental configuration validation
  • Absolutely unique performance analysis module
World's first fully open and fully customizable platform
Entire platform can then be enriched with the universal programming interface. Generally, each entity has its preferences, its own methods, and therefore, their own scripts to manage tests, compare results, make some additional graphs, etc.

Today, it is extremely difficult to interface with existing systems, whether to add variables or to extract data, our platform allows engineers to use any programming or scripting language they have or want, and to be able to create a two-way interface with the entire platform.

This platform structurally simplifies the CIN approach, makes it universally open for any interaction, language independent, and allows engineers to add their own scripts, do their own post-processing, put their own additional variables into the system , and to develop their functionalities simply and very quickly.
Which makes our product the most complete and versatile system available on market today.
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